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Dear Clients, what you feel about us, MATTERS!

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Hi there! Dear Preneeja, just a quick e-mail to thank you for the difference you have made in my life. So far I'm doing things completely medication free…. I know you are the reason I'm able to function better in…. situations, so I just wanted to extend my deep appreciation. Thank you again! And in my opinion, you were one of the best speakers and listener too we had all year in 2017-18.

- Nikhil

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Preneeja Ma’am is a very hardworking and professional counsellor. Her dedication towards psychology has no limits. She’s the kindest and warmest person ever. When she counselled me, I felt at ease and very light after discussing my issues with her. She is very dedicated towards her students and clients and never fails to inspire and guide them into the right path.

- Mayookha

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I met Preneeja a year ago when I was at cross roads of my career. I was very hesitant to consult her because never have I ever been to a psychologist. But my problem had piled up so much that I needed an external help other than my family and friends.  I still remember the day I first met her. She was very warm and helpful right from the beginning. She was very patient to listen to my story and was never conclusive. She asked me constructive questions about my choices, preferences and goals. The session was very creative and interactive. Not a moment of boredom to be honest. The moment I walked out of the door, I realized that I'm already a better person. To someone who certainly wants to discover their true self, I would highly recommend them to Preneeja.

- Sai Krishna


We love being there for you, helping you get better and live a life of your dreams!
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We are based in Hyderabad, Telangana but marking our presence across the nation.

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