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Many years ago I had read a line in the most famous book called THE SECRET.

There's a line in it "feelings are feedback of our thoughts". I felt that the line was very much adorn though I didn't understand it clearly.

I started thinking about it persistently but couldn't really figure out what exactly it means. I then decided to apply that concept in my life practically and see if it brings clarity to my confusion.

During my semester examinations, I used to feel one subject was very hard as I was offhand with it. One constant thought the day before the examination is that I was sure that I would definitely not going to do well in that exam and so I hit the hay.

While lazing around in the same zone, suddenly the line which I read in the book echoed on my head. And I then decided to change how I feel - considering feeling is a feedback not a decided result and I got up from the bed and started working on the syllabus.

How I wonder...!! I have completed all the syllabus overnight in one go. I still remember the very positive feeling while I was entering in the examination hall the next day and I did very well in the exam. And then I understood how we people take our temporary feelings as decided results not as a feedback of our fears, lack of confidence, prerequisite notions or false learning.

When we consider feeling as a feedback, we give a try to change that feeling which means we have a chance still but when we take them as result we fail to even attempt to change it and end up with not having any option.

To conclude, this time when you feel bad, introspect on why that feedback is coming to you and go solve it clearly. Work on it and you’ll surely get a positive feel and a positive feedback too. It’s not false or unproven when people say “it’s all in the mind”. Because this same theory works wonders on our physical health too along with the mental health. "Being healthy is not being happy when you are happy but it's about being stable when you are in a critical situation." We feed our mind with thoughts which are very much responsible to maintain sustainability of our biological system. Hence let’s make sure that we are not going to feed any negative thoughts and do not make our brain toxic. Ultimately we will be healthy if our mind is peaceful and positive and it’s proven that it’s in our own hands.

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