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Hi, I’m Preneeja Peelukhana, an Organizational Psychologist, a Healer, a Therapist and a Life-Skills Trainer by profession, a published author, a humanitarian and most of all a full-time dog lover. Mending Mind Matters is my brain child, my dream – to realize which I have worked hard consistently for years.

Mending Mind Matters is the brand name I use which is the part of my registered start-up DEAR Edification (recognized under Start-up India initiative). Over years, I’ve been passionately offering my professional services in the teaching, training, testing, therapies - such areas of psychology and now finally been able to launch merchandize with an intention of making a difference, being there for each one of you in form of some interesting merchandize and products that can make your life easy, planned, cared, organized and worth cherishing.

All along the not so short journey of a decade in the field of psychology and being fortunate enough to gain experience and exposure in different areas of the same fraternity in industries like education, healthcare, hospitality, research, prisons, government and with varied communities, social groups, genders, age groups together made me the person I am and same makes me stand confident with my new venture of products and merchandize to equip the emotional, psychological and social well-being of as many individuals in as creative way as possible.

In conclusion, firstly thank you for making an attempt to know me and thank you in advance for supporting me and inspiring me to venture into my dream project and motivating me to make a difference and soar high.

Much Love and Loads of Gratitude

- Preneeja Peelukhana



An Experience You Can Count On

A Master of Sciences in Psychology with a specialization in Organizational Psychology along with certifications in Counseling, Training & Development, Psychometric Testing and various therapies like Aromatherapy, Art Therapy, Mindfulness, CBT, REBT, EFT & TFT, Chakra Cleansing & Spiritual Healing to name a few.

The following are inclusions of my recent work experience:


In a firm intended towards handholding and guiding individuals from different industries and walks of life into the right and soul satisfying career paths.


As a Psychologist in the interview panel for 2021 UPSC and other Govt. exams.


For Ph.D. entrance & M.A. Psychology in distance.

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