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Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Stick with me till the end I'll prove how we are connected with everything we see, touch and feel. Let me tell you a story of 14 billion years old, where all this existence came into picture in a snap of explosion called Big Bang. The point of creation where absolutely everything came from nothingness. That huge explosion spilled out all the hydrogen gas unevenly. At that point of time, there was nothing other than hydrogen clouds floating around space. Because the distribution was uneven, it resulted in creation of Gravity.

Thanks to gravity which bonded all the gas clouds to single points and which then resulted in another series of explosions called Supernova. You might be frustrated on me for telling all this and not the actual link. Hold on, every node will be connected. What do you say if everyone out here actually got into life at this moment of Supernova? Extreme temperatures at that core of gases accumulation resulted in the forming of physical elements. All the physical matter we see and touch now was actually created at that core of accumulations. And all that matter spilled into this vast expansion.

The calcium in your teeth, the iron in your blood, the oxygen we breathe and the nitrogen in our DNA, all were created at that single point. The tree we water and the water we drink to the ultimate stars and everything actually came from absolutely a single thing. Oneness is all it is. We all actually took birth at once. Not just you and me but every life in this universe shares the same mother.

If in the core we all are connected, then why is the question of ‘groups’ in the picture? There is you, there is me, there is animal or foreigner – and many more categories or groups we all put everything and everyone under. It’s time we realize this oneness and must overcome the idea of groups, communities and other such distributions leading to sexism, racism or any indifference that keeps us above or below than any other life that on core co-exists with us.

You know why? Because we actually can't really differentiate between two existing physical matter. Every matter in depth is made up of atoms and in them it was just some quarks vibrating like strings which is nothing but the ‘String theory’. In other words, we are just a bunch of strings vibrating with different frequencies which produces different wavelengths. In the deepest atomic level, we all are identical. So goes for the existence itself, all matter, it's all identical in its core. From you to me, to pets we have, to the plant, to the ultimate cosmic matter. Everything is connected to it's very origin to its functionality core. Let’s make a conscious attempt to realize this oneness and I hope this perception can make us see things differently and makes us feel livelier.

- Abhinay Kusuma, Student

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